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PVM Vetterolf GmbH

light-alloy wheels
brake systems

68199 Mannheim
Mundenheimer Straße 39
Telefon: +49 (0) 621-85 52 02
Telefax: +49 (0) 621-85 89 41
e-mail: info@pvm.de

Managing Director: Jens P. Bögel
Headquarters/Registration court:
Mannheim/Amtsgericht Mannheim,
HRB 2827

VAT identification number:
DE 143847147

Michael Wolf Photodesign

Responsible person in accordance with § 55 subsection 2 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RStV) : Jens P. Bögel


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Apart from the downloads offered for use in the original versions, no texts or images, or parts thereof, may be used without the prior written consent of PVM Vetterolf GmbH. Failure to comply with this ruling constitutes a violation of the copyright stipulations and is illegal. This particularly applies to all rights of exploitation, including duplication, translation or use in electronic systems.

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Data protection declaration

We at PVM are delighted to welcome you to our web site and would like to thank you for your interest in our company and products. We attach great importance to protecting your privacy and take the protection of the personal data that you make available to us very seriously. It goes without saying that we comply with the requirements of the German Data Protection Law. You will find answers to important questions relating to the data that we collect and how we use it below.

Which personal data is acquired and processed?

You can visit our web site without having to enter any personal data at all. We only find out about the name of your Internet service provider, the web site from which you are accessing our site and the pages that you access during your visit. Personal data is only acquired and processed if you use specific services.

For what purpose do we acquire and process personal data?

As we are always endeavouring to improve the service that we offer within the framework of a continuous process – not only for the benefit for our customers, but also for the benefit of the company itself – we analyse the general data mentioned above statistically.

If a service is to be used, we only usually request the data needed to provide the service. If we ask for any other data, this information is provided on a voluntary basis. Personal data is processed exclusively for the purpose of providing the requested service and to safeguard our own justified business interests.

Is personal data communicated to any third parties?

We shall neither disclose, permit the use of, sell nor market your personal data in any other manner without your explicit prior permission in writing. This does not apply, however, where we are required to disclose and communicate data by law or by a court order.


We have implemented technical and organisational security measures to prevent the personal data that you make available to use being lost, destroyed, manipulated or accessed by unauthorised parties. Every member of our staff and all third parties involved in the processing of data are under obligation to comply with the German Data Protection Law and to handle personal data in confidence.

We reserve the right to change the wording of this declaration without notice. It does not constitute any contractual or other formal right with respect to or on behalf of any party.
If you have any problems or queries, please contact our data security officer directly; he will be happy to be of assistance.


In its capacity as content provider, PVM Vetterolf GmbH assumes responsibility for its »own content« pursuant to § 7 of the German Telemedia Law. Although all content is checked carefully and updated continuously, no liability can be accepted for completeness, correctness or up-to-dateness. PVM Vetterolf GmbH therefore accepts no liability for any damages associated with the use of this content.

A distinction is made between own content and links to content made available by other providers. By providing such links, PVM Vetterolf GmbH makes »third-party content« available for use. PVM communicates a means of accessing such content for use (§ 8 of the German Telemedia Law) with the link. However, PVM Vetterolf GmbH assumes no responsibility for such »third-party« content as PVM does not initiate communication of the information, does not select the addressees for the communicated information and has neither selected nor changed the communicated information. Furthermore, the chosen call-up and linking methods are such that PVM Vetterolf GmbH does not briefly buffer »third-party information« automatically either, so that no responsibility whatever can be assumed for the third-party content.

Links are references to the »living« (dynamic) web sites of third parties, however. Although PVM Vetterolf GmbH checks the third-party content when linked for the first time, to ensure that it does not give rise to a possible civil or criminal accountability, PVM is not under obligation to continuously monitor the links for changes that could constitute grounds for a new accountability. In the event that PVM Vetterolf GmbH establishes or is advised that a specific offering, to which a link is provided, gives rise to a civil or criminal accountability, PVM shall then delete the link to the aforesaid offering where deletion of the link is technically possible and reasonable. Technical possibility and reasonableness shall not be influenced by the fact that the illegal or criminal offering can still be accessed from other servers after access from the PVM Vetterolf GmbH web site has been stopped.

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